July 14 – July 18, 2014 and Information for Next Week

Second 4-week campers are arriving next week, while current campers have found their groove, made friends, and explored new content areas, as well as sports.

Week in Review:

Arts Fest was amazing! In just one afternoon, campers showcased their range of talent both on and off-stage with various performances and exhibitions. Our Junior theatre majors starred in “Willy Wonka”, while Seniors performed the stage version of “Standing Ovation”. (Burn Brae Day Camp of Creative Arts was the only camp bestowed with this honor by the movie version’s executive producer, James Brolin). The creative energy on Burn Brae’s campus was palpable and evident in the variety of displays and shows that touched on all disciplines taught at Burn Brae, including Theatre, Dance, Rock Band, Music Instrumentation, Creative Writing, Pastry Arts, Ceramics, Lego Robotics, Computer Animation, Photography, Project Runway, Swimming, Ga-ga, Archery, and more.

Juniors and Seniors went off-campus to enjoy a day of roller-skating at the Palace Roller Skating Rink in Philadelphia this week, while Pre-Majors stayed on campus and delighted in their very own Dance and Pizza Party.

Thanks for your generosity during our Food Drive at our first Arts Fest this summer. All donations will go to the Interfaith Food Cupboard of Abington. Donations are still welcome.

Looking Ahead:

July 21:     Second 4-Week Campers Arrive! WEAR CAMP T-SHIRT and NAME TAG.
July 23:     SENIORS BOWLING TRIP (Campers ages 10+) at Thunderbird Bowling Lanes in Willow Grove. Campers will eat lunch at Burn Brae. Recommended: $10 for snacks and/or small purchases. WEAR CAMP T-SHIRT and SOCKS.
July 24:     SENIORS Bring-A-Friend to Camp Day and After Camp Pizza Party. Signed and dated permission slips required for all attending. More info and permission slip here.
July 25:     Hawaiian Hullabaloo. All Campers are invited to dress in Tropical Wear. Camper Showtime.

Staff Spotlight

This week, we are casting Howie Ginsberg, our Head of Sports and DJ Camp Zone Instructor, in the spotlight. This is Howie’s 5th year at Burn Brae. Howie is a proud husband of five years. Together, he and his wife Lauren, have a three-year old daughter who will soon be a Burn Brae Day camper. Howie began at Burn Brae as a DJ Camp Zone Instructor, but his experience and love affair for sports dates back for as long as he can remember. Let’s just say, “Sports is in Howie’s blood!”

His desire is to develop a love of sports among campers because he recognizes that the skills learned are fundamental to life. Whether he is instructing at Burn Brae, or serving in his role as a 5th and 6th grade lead teacher in the School District of Philadelphia, Howie’s goal is to impart critical lessons about winning and losing, sportsmanship, and fairness, as precepts that all children can utilize, beyond camp and school. When Howie is not enjoying time with his wife and daughter, working at Burn Brae, or teaching, you can find him in the DJ booth, at or near All Around Entertainment, based out of Southampton, PA.

In Other Important News:

Need More of Burn Brae? If you need more weeks of camp, or are interested in Camp Plus (Aug 18 – 29), please give us a call at (215) 657-3388 or email your requests to burnbraedaycamp@aol.com ASAP so we can accommodate you.

BIRTHDAYS at BURN BRAE. Let us cater to you for your child’s next birthday party.  Let us know what you need, and we can make it happen.  Professionally staffed, themed parties (Sports, Pool, Ga-Ga, Disney, character, favorite movie, etc.), we aim to please.  Click here for more info.

Please Note

  • The weekly Newsletter, News You Can Use! @ Burn Brae Day Camp, as well as Permission Forms and other important camp information are posted to our website each weekend.
  • Many of our buildings are air-conditioned for these hot, summer days!
  • Please label all camper belongings including instruments and cases.
  • Drive slowly as you come in and out of camp each day. The speed limit is 5 mph!
  • Remember to put on sunscreen each morning! Girls with long hair shuld wear ponytails when swimming. Goggles are optional but advised to protect sensitive eyes. Footwear must be worn from the locker room to the pool.


  • Self Drivers: IF YOUR CAMPER WILL BE ABSENT, PLEASE CALL THE CAMP OFFICE BY 8:30 AM. If you use camp transportation, please call your driver by 7:30 AM if your camper will be absent.