July 28 – August 1, 2014 and Information for Next Week

Bring Back the Night! Boy, did we ever! A total of 85 campers (age 9 and up) and staff got together for an evening of festivities under the stars during our annual Sleepover. There was not a single dull moment, with all there was to enjoy:

  • Capture the Flag games
  • Fresh foods from the grill and the kitchen, including Mac N’ Cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers (veggie burgers too!), lemonade, fresh fruit, and salad
  • Talent Show
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar
  • Movie
  • Slip N’ Slide Inflatable
  • Swimming
  • Breakfast

I bet you’re asking, “Did they sleep?”  Sure, they did… at least most of them. Let’s just say it was an incredible time for all and quite a way to close out Week 6, but not before Pajama Day, during which campers dressed in their favorite, comfy, sleepwear for a full day of relaxed, camp activities, which included a comical performance of “Jack & The Beanstalk”, by a local theater troupe, Family Stages.

Looking Ahead:

August 4 thru August 8: Olympic Week (All Ages). Campers divide into two teams and have a week of friendly games in sports and swim, banner contests, skits, dances, cheers, and songs. (Siblings are placed on the same team.) More information to come.

Staff Spotlight


It is a pleasure to introduce Jamie Feldstein, who is a third-year Pre-Major B Head Counselor (age 6) at Burn Brae Day Camp. Jamie is also a 3rd year teacher with experience in both Abington and Philadelphia School districts. She enjoys interacting with her students, and developing relationships with them over time, each year they return to Burn Brae. Jamie is confident in her ability to continually provide the hands-on attention that is required for her younger group of campers. Accommodating their various needs and learning styles “comes naturally”, having worked primarily with children since she was sixteen years old. Burn Brae’s variety of programs, activities, and sports, help ensure that “each day is different”, even for Pre- Majors, a group with which she seems to work effortlessly. We are delighted to have Jamie on board again this summer!


In Other Important News:

There are two sessions of CAMP PLUS (August 18 – August 29). Both begin at 9:00 am, and end at 4:00 pm.  Each session costs $450/week, but a $50 discount applies if you sign up for both weeks ($850 total). Please give us a call at (215) 657-3388 or email your requests to burnbraedaycamp@aol.com

SUMMER 2015.
If you enroll with a deposit of $400 by August 15 for Summer 2015, you will receive current 2014 rates. Registration will take place at Arts Fest on August 14. If you are unable to attend, you may send in your deposit before that date.

BIRTHDAYS at BURN BRAE in SUMMER and BEYOND. Let us cater to you for your child’s next birthday party any time of the year.  Let us know what you need, and we can make it happen.  Professionally staffed, themed parties (Sports, Pool, Ga-Ga, Disney, character, favorite movie, etc.), we aim to please.  Click here for more info.

Please Note

  • The weekly Newsletter, News You Can Use! @ Burn Brae Day Camp, as well as Permission Forms and other important camp information are posted to our website each weekend.
  • Many of our buildings are air-conditioned for these hot, summer days!
  • Please label all camper belongings including instruments and cases.
  • Drive slowly as you come in and out of camp each day. The speed limit is 5 mph!
  • Remember to put on sunscreen each morning! Girls with long hair shuld wear ponytails when swimming. Goggles are optional but advised to protect sensitive eyes. Footwear must be worn from the locker room to the pool.


  • Self Drivers: IF YOUR CAMPER WILL BE ABSENT, PLEASE CALL THE CAMP OFFICE BY 8:30 AM. If you use camp transportation, please call your driver by 7:30 AM if your camper will be absent.