Burn Brae Day Camp is a picturesque gem nestled in the quiet alcove of Dresher. It sits on a beautiful, spacious property that is well shaded and boasts walking trails and numerous buildings for the convenience of its users all year round. There's plenty of space on rainy days and most buildings are air-conditioned to provide comfort on the hottest days.

Our Facilities Include:

  • In-ground swimming pool
  • Nurse and medical room
  •  Covered lunch pavilion
  •  Barn Theater
  • Covered outside stage
  • Art and ceramics studio complete with kiln and potters’ wheels
  • Music studios for strings, guitar, drums, brass/woodwinds, jazz band, rock band, and piano (electric keyboards)
  • Mirrored dance studios
  • Movie, TV, and photography studio (iPads, large screen for editing, computers)
  • Technology center (15 internet capable desktop computers with printers)
  • Archery range
  • Tennis, Basketball, and Ga-Ga courts
  • Volleyball/Newcomb area
  • Sports field
  • Obstacle course
  • Pre-Major Center (ages 3-6) with air-conditioned activity rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, and fenced in outdoor play area
  • Playground (a large play castle and swings)
  • One story heated/air-conditioned house with full kitchen and indoor classrooms/meeting rooms and bathrooms
  • Bathrooms/locker rooms


Our facility is ideal for hosting your child's Birthday party, Reunion, Picnics, Corporate or Special Events!

Directions to Burn Brae Day Camp