Music Majors

At Burn Brae, we teach piano, all brass, violin and woodwind instruments, cello, viola, guitar, drums, and accommodate all levels of experience including beginners who are unable to read music. Our classes are taught by professional music instructors and performers on a private and small group basis. For ensemble playing, our campers can participate in Rock Band and Jazz Band. We have a Junior Rock Band for ages 7 to 9 and a Senior Rock Bank for ages 10 to 15. Not only do our rock bands consist of guitarists, drummers, keyboard players and other instrumentalists, there are singers as well. Campers majoring or minoring in musical instruments perform solos, duets or as an ensemble at showtime and at the musical recitals for the arts festivals.

Technology is also part of our music program. Utilizing composition software, campers can work in our computer lab and compose music using up to 27 different instruments!

Be sure to read about all of our amazing staff on the Burn Brae Staff page on this website.