Happy Campers make Happy Parents!

Read what our campers Parents are saying about the Burn Brae Experience.

"My son Masyn was one of the youngest campers at camp this year and I wanted to share his experience with Burn Brae. Masyn was very nervous the first day of camp and the first thing that I noticed was the way the staff quickly recognized this and were rapid in their response. They were able to comfort Masyn and I'll be honest, I was a little nervous myself. I was actually expecting a call from the camp to pick him up. QUITE THE OPPOSITE! As soon as I arrived to pick him up he was smiling ear to ear introducing me to all of his new friends and counselors. He could not stop telling me about the day and how much fun he had. This continued daily for the duration of camp. He would come home singing new songs and attempting to teach them to his little brothers just the way he had been taught. I wanted to mention quickly about the staff at Burn Brae. The entire operation is run by kind, compassionate professionals with a desire to see every child grow and learn. It is truly apparent to me and my wife that the folks care. I wanted to thank Burn Brae for helping my son burst at the seams with excitement on a daily basis - who could ask for more!! If you are considering Burn Brae please take a look at the facility and meet the staff you will not be let down. BURN BRAE ROCKS!"
- Marin H., Elkins Park, September 2017
"Please pass along extra thanks to [your counselors] at the pool!!! Yesterday we spoke to them about [our daughter] and watched her swim. Their confidence in her prompted [our daughter] to do something she hasn't been able to accomplish in 4 summers before coming to Burn  Brae. [Your counselors] even offered to come help her, but she did it on her own. She passed the deep water band test!

Going to Burn Brae has given her confidence that she didn't know she had. We proudly bought her a Burn Brae sweatshirt and put the camp magnet on our car. We figured she would like camp, but didn't expect this bump in her being. Thank you to all of your staff."

- Bobbi P., Willow Grove, August, 2016

"[My children] are having so much fun at camp! They truly adore all of you and they will miss you so much until next summer! You made them feel so welcomed and you helped them feel comfortable and confident! That means the world to us!
We truly can't thank you enough for being such thoughtful, amazing, truly special counselors!"

- Stacie P., Fort Washington, September 2016

"Today is my daughter's last day of camp for the summer at Burn Brae in Dresher and we loved it so much, that I really wanted to share it with others - and I promise, we have no affiliation! It is a creative arts camp, where they learn such things as various musical instruments, dance, theater, ceramics, cooking, computer animation, French! (which my 5 year old daughter loved), plus sports and swimming every day too. It's super shady there with lots of trees, and many of the individual bunks where activities are held are air conditioned, so they get breaks from the heat during the day. And I can't say enough about the staff! Mostly teachers and parents, and everyone I dealt with this summer was incredibly sweet!
Oh and I went to a birthday party there this past weekend and I thought they did a really great job!"

- Rachel G., Blue Bell, August, 2016

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for making camp such a safe and loving environment for children like my client to meet new friends, learn new skills, and express himself so freely. You and your highly qualified staff provided unparalleled support for [my client] and for myself. Your camp truly is a "no bully zone." I want you to know how much of a difference you are making by welcoming such a diversified group of kids to your camp."

                                                                — Kyle L., TSS, September, 2015

"My son spent his first summer at Burn Brae Day Camp last year. I can not begin to tell you how grateful we are to have found this camp. It has literally changed his life. I believe he found a very safe space to  be uniquely who he is. He has gone from a shy little boy, to a boy that cares about his friends and wants to be at camp any chance he can get. The friendships he has made at camp continues to help him learn and grow at school. He has found his people! From the bottom of my heart, thank you burn brae day camp!"

                                                                — Kim B., Upper Dublin, October, 2015
“My daughter has just completed her third summer at Burn Brae and had a wonderful season. She was so delighted with everything she learned. Your staff worked so well with the campers. She could not have had more fun or enrichment.
                                                                                     —Eileen F., Doylestown
“Thank you for a wonderful season for my son. He truly loved camp. I think that the campers had an enriching experience, for your camp is definitely unusual–with much more to offer than the typical day camp. Thank you for the personal interest you clearly take in each individual camper.”
                                                                      — Linda M., Lower Merion
“I want to say a very special thank you to the entire staff. We marvel at how our daughter has grown in many wonderful ways this summer, and must attribute it to your excellent program and the fine and caring people who carry it out.”
                                                                                                           — James K. , Abington
“An awesome, creative and unique camp. So many different opportunities including art, music, dance, theater, plus summer fun, including swimming and sports! The happiest of places for summer fun!”
                                                                                        — Maria B., Philadelphia
“The staff is caring and attentive and the campers make lasting friendships. I am amazed at the wide variety of options available to the campers and families. Arts Fest was simply amazing and I really enjoyed watching all the children perform.”
                                              — Jeanine L., Upper Dublin
"I want you to know how thrilled I was with the camping experience that you provided for my referral to your camp. I believe that it was the best solution for this child. I saw him make great strides through the summer on many developmental levels. Because of his experience, I suspect that his future is brighter. Besides that, he had a fabulous time!
I wish to thank your superb staff and everyone at Burn Brae Day Camp of Creative Arts for your expertise in early childhood education and in providing a wonderful camp experience for an adorable little guy!"
— Beverly, owner of placement service
"I want to tell you how grateful I am for your kindness in working with us to secure a place in Burn Brae for my son this summer. It means everything to me to be able to give him an opportunity to feel as if he's in a place where he belongs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible."
— Lily S., Philadelphia
"My kids love the cool vibe this camp has. They can be themselves and let their creativity show. Plus these are the most AMAZING counselors on the planet!!! Burn Brae Day Camp ROCKS!!!
— Lynn H., Roslyn
"I wanted to send a note saying how much my daughter loves Burn Brae and what a terrific job you're doing. The creative arts and traditional camp programs are excellent, but Burn Brae goes further and takes the rare, extra step in establishing a culture where kids are nice to each other. In that culture, kids relax, open up, be themselves, have fun, learn empathy and compassion, and grow.
The culture is the all-important difference.
Any parent can evaluate a camp by listening to their child talk about the experience. Sometimes the child hates camp and doesn't want to go back. Other times, the child is just going going through the motions. Rarely, does the child come home and say how much fun they have at camp, how much they love it, and how they can't wait to go back the next day. This is the experience that  my child had at Burn Brae. When she comes home each day and talks about camp, it's clear that she's engaged, animated, having fun, and growing.
You're doing more than just a wonderful; job; you're also doing a rare thing. Keep it up, it's terrific, and thank you!"
— Gerry M., Glenside
"This is my daughter and son's second year at Burn Brae, and it is just as magical as the first. They are happy and thriving! Today, as I dropped them off the flag raising was taking place, and a camper was playing and singing the camp song. Counselors greeted my children by name with genuine care and affection. My children waved to their friends and chatted excitedly. I confess; I teared up a bit feeling so full of JOY for my children. I know they're making great memories and building life-long skills of good citizenship, kindness, and compassion. Thank you!!"
— Dawn M., Horsham