Junior Campers (ages 7-9)
Senior Campers (ages 10-15)

Weeks 1-8

Both Junior and Senior Campers are grouped by age and choose their own activities to create an individually tailored schedule that reflects their current interests and the ability to explore new opportunities while feeling independent. A wide variety of majors and minors are offered including creative and performing arts, pastry arts, robotics, computer animation, movie production, science, archery, nature/rocketry, non-competitive sports, fashion design, and more.

If a camper is attending 6 or more weeks, a different major and/or minors can be chosen for the remainder of the summer in order to take advantage of as many camp activities as possible.

Campers ages 7 and 8 may prefer the Step-Up Program which is recommended for first year campers, graduated Pre-Majors, and children who could benefit from a more organized group schedule.